24/10/2018 - Furmeets UK is now Closed

It is with great sadness that I have taken the decision to close Furmeets UK.

I had a lot of fun setting up this site back in 2005 and watching it grow in use, being the central place to find out where meets were happening in the UK but it has now had its time. This site needed people to add meets and so it has been pretty pointless seeing that no-one had added any meets for over a year now due to people using other sites to find and organise meet ups. This site also suffered by it not moving with the times and so ended up looking like an old forgotten site. Many thanks to everyone who has used this site over the years, I will no longer be maintaining this site.

Take a trip down memory lane by seeing how this site looked over the years via the Wayback Machine.

If anyone is interested in acquiring this domain, please contact me via Twitter as I would love to see someone take over the domain and make something great for the furry community.

Thanks again, SlyCat